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    October 29, 2012
    5:00 - 6:00am PDT  

as we need the afternoon we are going to see a little sunshine temperatures cooler than yesterday, 60s coast, 70s for rest of us. 5:01. i'm kristen sze thanks for joining us. and you are? >> i'm eric thomas. we were all up late watching this next story developing news for the second time in three years the giants are the world series champs finishing a sweep of the tigers on the road last night. >> fans took to the street tossle great in some places celebrations turned violent. amy hollyfield is live at at&t
park. >> reporter: the celebration went into extra innings it lasted late night and there were fans still out partying until 2:00 this morning. here are pictures that we took from sky 7 with a good view of the bonfire that some fans lit and celebrated around this was in the middle of king and third streets outside at&t park. fans said they just wanted a place to be able to celebrate. that also spilled over to market street and out of control fans there set a muni bus on fire. some fans overturned a car that was parked along market street. we saw some people harassing a cab driver. the crowds at times were so big that traffic had trouble getting through. officers did put on their riot gear they say some threw bottles and rocks at police. officers say they did see injuries, nothing life-threatening, but they did see some people get hurt. >> these are the people that
we tone want to be on the streets celebrating -- we don't want to be on the streets celebrating they ruin for everybody else. we want people to have a good time tan their moment at the same time we don't -- don't want unruly behavior. >> reporter: police did make some arrests, they also saw damage to private and locally owned city government owned property. they don't have numbers for us yet, they are hoping to get an assessment later this morning as far as how many they arrested, how many were hurt and how much damage was done. right now, the crowds are gone we've seen a stumbling fan here and there. still excited about the night. still a little confused, daid and tired, -- dazed and tired. king street is open, sweep out trying to recover from the mess. they have just opened it back up. life slowly returning to normal here at at&t park.
amy hollyfield, abc7 news. woman of the worst destruct after the game happened in san francisco's mission district. that's where kira klapper joins us live. >> reporter: the aftermath of last night's celebration still remains this morning, not very much, i'll get out of the way so you can see some trash piles charged black they were much bigger a bit ago, trucks have been here all morning, streets are soaking wet from cleaning crews not from any sort of rain. let's get you to the video of what this aftermath is of. we have sky 7 hd video of revelers on mission street setting big bonfires. the fans were dancing and celebrating around the flames throughout the night they burned trash chance, couches, matresses, signs even newspaper racks. police and fire actually stood back most of the time they let the rowdy celebrations unfold.
only when the flames threatened buildings fire crews had to be escorted in by police on dirt bikes, making room through the crowds, as you can imagine the streets were completely blocked. at times people jumped into the flames others flu gasoline creating some fire -- others through gasoline, creating some fireballs. listen to one fan's excitement, even though he was looking for to the series continuing. >> it is amazing! a sweep, unbelievable. long-suffering giants fans we thought oh well -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: unfortunately for him you could say he won't be going to game six. i think it is a good thing for everyone. that sweep last night creating a party overnight the party ended 2 a.m.,.
here we are now monday morning, life sort of returning to usual. cleanup almost done. something of note, fire chief telling us this is garbage day in the mission so revelers had extra ammunition to set on fire they could grab mattresses from the sidewalk and set them on fire to help their celebration. this morning things are calm aside from the fact that we have a world championship handling over the city. kira klapper, abc7 news. 5:06. the giants are coming home in afternoon after that four game sweep of the tigers. the big win coming in the 10thning. romo was nailed and -- he got -- let's see -- that's the wrong picture. cabrera there homering giants 4-3 celebration began in the
10th. >> that tigers' line-up and what they've done in the post-season, i definitely thought it was gonna be down to the wire. it just so happened that, you know we got kind of hot and scored at the right time. and ended up pulling off close games. >> i was waiting for the moment, waiting to get the opportunity to be in the playoffs again. >> the team's only regret is they didn't win in front of their hometown fans, but that's okay your hometown fans will live that. >> i think so. nobody is complaining. the team and fans still celebrating when the first t-shirts came off the presses in union city the moment the game ended, workers began cranking out t-shirts showing the giants at 2012 champs. they want to get thousands to retailers by today. the problem was knowing when to start the presses.
>> we had a little bit of a slow start because we told our employees if they are ahead by two runs in the 7th head in and that didn't happen this time. so we were scrambling at the last minute to get everybody in. >> a late start but they've been working ought night so fans can begin buying and wearing them as soon as today. the giants will be honored with a parade wednesday morning. mayor lee an the city will salute the champions as they did in -- 2010 with a downtown parade concluding with a celebration at civic center plaza parade starts 11 a.m. at the foot of market follow mar it to the civic center. the mayor's office and giants will announce more details in the next couple of days. you can watch the parade live here on abc 7 on wednesday also streamed live through our ipad app and on our website. you can find out more details on fans sharing photos of
their giants pride. let's take a look. >> you can your photos or share them on our facebook page or on twitter. time for a look at the weather forecast. >> we'll talk about wednesday's weather for the parade but first this morning. fog will be through 8:00, 9:00, expecting delays at sfo possibly oakland and san jose use our flight tracker you will need it for those
7100 flights already cancelled because of sandy on the east coast. you can see the storm track starting to slide a little farther south that means offshore warm wind we had over the weekend, gone. onshore cooling, the reason why we have the clouds and fog and mist hanging in the air this morning. the clouds will be back to the coast by noon upper 50s there, the rest of us mid to upper 60s clouds remain at the coast sunny spots will push knew the low 60s possibly the mid 60s during the afternoon the rest of us in the low to mid 70s, clouds start pushing back into the bay around 7:00, mid 60s for you, near 70, 7:00, inland 59 along the coast. next couple of days, cooler tomorrow more cloud cover, rain tricky on when it is going to get in your neighborhood, best guess now north bay you are going to have a wet halloween everybody else dry. rain thursday morning also that will be the coolest day in the forecast.
. >> as i was standing here the fog bankrolled in this is supposed to be san rafael 101 now you can't see anything past the civic center in both directions. down to the bay bridge, a little misty, not so bad, fog visibility going to be the issue pockets around the bay no metering lights no issues on the upper deck now. northbound 280 king street off-ramp open and flowing smoothly. north 101 roadwork through cortamadera until 6:00 this morning. that will be picked up down to two lanes there. for construction north 280 ramp to south 101 in san francisco closed until 6:00 this morning. next, we continue to track hurricane sandy as east coast prepares for the storm to make landfall. you are looking at atlantic city, new jersey the casinos are closed or closing because
of hurricane sandy. more on that coming up. first this among's america's money report. >> reporter: -- topping america's money the cost of hurricane sandy, airlines cancelling thousands of flights throughout the northeast, analysts say that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. because of hurricane sandy new york markets closed today even their online operations, the first closure for weather conditions in almost three decades. ubs may cut a third of the jobs in banking division and possibly 10,000 over all the "wall street journal" reports the announcement could be made tomorrow. retail stores this holiday season taking aim at the online competition, among their weapons, free layaway, matching prices, picking up goods made online. finally argo made 12 million dollars after finishing second its first two weeks.
check out our picture from emeryville this morning the fog thick around bay shore to the coast north bay valleys dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00, i think the fog will hang around until 9:00, visibility low as 1/8 of a mile. we'll continue to cover the entire northeast and hurricane sandy which is strengthening staying on a path toward washington,
baltimore, philadelphia and new york. live picture of new jersey that is the jersey shore, atlantic city, some of the casinos boarded up, not doing any business it takes a lot for them them to do that this storm means business, it is serious, it is big. tahman bradley is live in ocean city, maryland where sandy is expected to make landfall in the next 24 hours. nervous times right now. >> reporter: the mid atlantic is bracing for sandy slow moving monster of unprecedented size and scope, storm has brought transportation to a standstill, united, delta, american, jetblue and us air ways have all shutdown east coast operations. >> when our flight cancellations in major hub cities, that affects travelers all over the country. >> reporter: amtrak as well as -- has cancelled service east coast in new york city the biggest fear is the storm surge all subway and bus
transportation suspended hundreds of thousands of new yorkers have been ordered to evacuate from low-lying areas. >> if you don't evacuate you are not just putting your own life in danger, you are endangering the lives of our first responders who may have to rescue you. >> reporter: stock markets in new york closed monday, possibly tuesday regulators worry about the integrity of markets. red cross workers mobilizing across the country, heading east. >> no telling what is going to happen, it could be quite a bit of devastation, a lot of flooding. >> two freezer full of food now. >> no sense stocking refrigerators if the power guess out. best to stick with reality ii >> what -- can you do, flee the country? >> reporter: thousands of workers are en route to the region to help repair expected power outages which can leave million in the dark for a week or more. >> the president: it may take a long time to clear and to
get the power companies back in to clear trees and put things back in place. >> reporter: sandy is forecast to make landfall tonight in new jersey with the force of the storm with heavy rain and wind can already be felt. tahman bradley, abc news, maryland. sandy is in the process of merging with that colder storm. >> going to do that today, that is going to be the change over when it will become more strong and develop faster winds, heavier rains we haven't seen the worst of it yet. good morning. use our flight tracker if you are heading that way or don't go that way, 7100 flights cancelled, that is not only today, tomorrow and wednesday, sandy will hang around at least three to few days in the northeast. we are looking at golden gate
bridge, you can see some of the fog hanging around a little mist in the area for -- in the air for most of us. check out live doppler, not showing anything organized wet weather jut mist making it a little damp this morning -- just the mist making it a little damp this morning. you can see snow developing in west virginia mountains down into the north carolina ski country they are starting to see snow at their higher elevations too. best radar returns now sitting on top of baltimore and d.c., heading to the higher elevations of maryland and virginia. snow is going to develop there. let's take a look at what is going on now, category 1 storm, 85 mile per hour winds moving north northwest at 20 it has taken that turn towards land during the latter parts of the evening the eye of the storm will come ashore that's when you will see the brunt of the
storm down new york city, philadelphia, lesser extent baltimore and d.c., it hangs around through at least friday up into maine. it is going to be unprecedented. 49 san jose, 49 santa rosa, the rest of us low to mid 50s monterey bay low to mid 50s. today cooler cooling trend through thursday rain likely for halloween. rain going to move into the north bay during the afternoon hours wednesday and stay in the north bay, then along the coast, during the trick-or-treating timeframe frame. once we get to 9:00, it -- the rain will move foot heart of the bay south bay overnight. even with the organized rain up in the north bay, there will be plenty of drizzle and sprinkles for rest of us during your evening festivities. past that warmer weather saturday, sunday >> good morning.
so far so good. live shot from our vollmer camera highway 24 headlights headed westbound through lafayette, orinda towards the caldecott tunnel traffic moving nicely. big reason is there is no fog that's a big problem for a lot of places around the bay area this morning. you want to take extra time, because that fog is out there and thick. north 280 ramp to south 101 roadwork picked up. good news in san francisco you are out taking a look at your drive times now altamont pass highway 4 westbound and 80 towards the macarthur maze. this morning wanted to remind but our exclusive traffic app, macarthur maze, coming into the now, looks good, free, available on the app store and google play and did i mention it is free? great way to navigate around any traffic problem. >> sue is that free?
>> i think it is free. next up a setback for the 49ers about the millions the team needs to complete the new stadium. >> . >> today at 3:00, jennifer lopez opens up about life after divorce and why age is nothing but a number.
"and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> check out this picture from virginia already this morning it is getting rough out there waves are crashing unreleaning rip currents out there, i hope this pier makes it through this particular storm it is going to be a rough one.
let's talk about our weather. we have temperatures that going to run cooler today. if you are heading to the east coast, make sure you check ahead with our flight tracker there, 7100 flights from today through wednesday canceled along the east coast. state department of finance has said no giving the 49ers over 44 million dollars in redevelopment money that could affect funding of their new stadium. the decision overturns settlement of lawsuit filed by the team against the santa clara county over sight board. in a statement, the 49 said in part, we are disappointed with the decision by the state department of finance to reject the settlement agreement. we will turn the matter over to our legal team and await resolution by the court. 9ers are in arizona ready to take on the cardinals monday night football. 9ers could take firm hold of first place in their division. 9ers won in front of their
fans cat candlestick park 13-6, 5:2 record going into tonight's game you can see this on espn beginning at 5:30. raids beat the chiefs yesterday -- raiders beat the chiefs yesterday, palmer threw for 209 yards two touchdowns, raiders are three and four on the season. >> don't forget, raiders will be here on abc 7 thursday december 6th taking on manning and broncos all live here on abc 7. next, giants will soon be returning home from detroit we just got word as to when, we'll tell you about that and when the parade will be celebrated this week. team coverage of the rowdy celebrations on the streets of san francisco in the hours after the big win. they are happy, but some people, minority, got a little rowdy.
>> here's the latest from sandy, snow developing in the appalachians. a lot of heavy rain around baltimore and d.c., winds starting to gust up 35, 45 miles per hour, a lot of flights cancelled here. use our flight tracker or call ahead. temperatures cooling everywhere, phoenix 91, 50s and 60s east of the rockies. you don't see delays here because they've already cancelled most. we'll have delays here also, thanks to the thick fog as soon as we find out, i'll let you find out.
>> mid 70s bay, 60s coast with clouds, upper 70s inland. those bonfires large and unauthorized. 5:31. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. giants fans are glowing with orange pride. the celebration begins after closer romo gets final out in the 10th inning in detroit. at home what began as a joyous celebration turned destructive. live team coverage, kira klapper is in the mission district. let's begin with amy hollyfield. >> reporter: we don't hear the sound of champagne bottles popping open any more the celebration is winded down most have gone home there's still a festive feeling in the air as cars drive-by they --
at&t park they honk their horns some not wanting to go home yet. look at pictures if the party last night we have pictures from sky 7 of a been fire burning in the middle of king and third streets people with celebrating and dancing around this fire, large crowds around market street out of control tans there flipped a car over and broke the windows. they also set a muni bus on fire. police were in riot gather they said their priority was public safety and safety of their officers. at times it appeared they were hanging back as the party raged. some fans said they were disappointed that the party turned destructive. >> i was shocked. i couldn't believe that was happening. it is scary to think that just because the giants won everyone is like -- it is supposed to be fun. too bad there wasn't somewhere we could all go and have a good time.
>> reporter: police say there were some injuries nothing life-threatening. they did make some arrests but haven't been able to tell us how many. they are hoping to have a better sense of that late they are morning. the streets have been cleaned, king street was closed until about an hour ago. they are opening up this area again and trying to return it back to normal. the crowds have gone home, we have a few fans here and there the biggest question of the morning is, when are the giants coming home. we've been told their plane will be landing later this afternoon. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> things are quiet in the mission district now. police from all over the city rushedded there last night to deal with the -- rushed there last night to deal with the celebration that also got out of hand. kira klapper is live in the mission. >> reporter: as you mentioned, unauthorized bonfires and
fireworks were set off here overnight. not much going on now. i'll get out of the way and show you a little of the aftermath of the bonfires in the middle of the street you can see cars, bicyclists going around them, the piles were much bigger a few hours ago many cleaning crews have been here all morning, street sweeping cars, garbage trucks piles up and down mission street has drivers swerving around them. let's take to you our incredible sky 7 hd video over mission street last night revelers here set those big phone fires to celebrate the huge win -- big bonfires to celebrate the giants' huge win. fans set fire to a dumpster it want a violent scene they danced and cheered around it watching it burn steps from building, police and fire stood back letting the rowdy celebrations unfold. when flames threatened apartments and shops the fire crews were escorted in by
police clearing the crowds blocking the entire stretch of mission. sky 7 hd caught a fire at mission and 22nd where some people had unauthorized fireworks. throughout the night, partiers burned trash chance, couches, signs, newspaper racks. one business owner told us it was scary at times but she said overall it was an exciting street party. back here live on mission street this morning it has been quiet aside from street sweeping vehicles, i don't know if you can hear that one going by now also the occasional cardiffing by at at&t park honking -- occasional car driving by at at&t park. kira klapper, abc7 news. the giants' flight will be arriving this afternoon at 3:00. the giants took an early lead in the second inning, in the
third tigers took first lead in the series. cabrera, triple crown winner takes one deep right, it was 2-1 detroit in the 6th mvp candidate posey comes through with two run homer making it 3-2 giants extra innings in the 10th, man on second scutaro -- giants take back the lead. bottom of the 10th, romo strikes out cabrera who guess down looking giants win 4-3, as the celebration begins -- >> i couldn't be prouder of these guys, to be world champions and -- in two out of the last three years it is amazing. sandoval named world series mvp the team's only regrets is they didn't win it at home.
the fans are okay with that >> the city will honor the new world champs with a victory celebration wednesday. mayor lee says the city will hold a ticker tape parade as they did in 2010 when this downtown parade concluded with a celebration at civic center plaza the parade will start at 11 a.m., foot of market, follow market to the civic center. the mayor's office and giants will announce more details in the next couple of days. you can watch that -- watch that parade live here. it will be streamed live through our ipad app and website. you can also find out more details on abc7 news do the came. i remember in -- 2010, a million people were out there watching the parade. >> you had a bird's-eye view. >> i did at the start of market where the parade begins. let's hope the rain will hold off until after that. >> what do you think mike? >> it will.
for trick-or-treating in the north bay maybe not so much where the best chance of rain is during the trick-or-treating hours wednesday. right now you can see why we have that dense fog advisory half mile visibility hayward, quarter mile concord, napa, santa rosa, half while half moon bay visibilities going to say this low if not lower through 8:00, they start to improve then we won't get rid of the clouds until noon, winds out of the we have for most of us into the northeast around hayward, a little ebb and to the fog. if you don't have -- ebb and flow to the fog if you don't have now. cloudy, foggy low to mid 50s for most of us through 7:00, clearing sky bay and inland by noon cloudy at the coast. clouds stubborn at the coast,
sunshine by 4:00, 63 three -- there. rain tricky for the north bay, should move into the rest of the bay the steady rain after trick-or-treat something over and hang through thursday morning. -- >> giants fans aren't just celebrating here. next, the die-hard fans who traveled to detroit and go to see the final game of the world series, in person. we'll continue to follow breaking news on the east coast as millions brace for hurricane sandy and a possible superstorm. you are looking at a picture from morts mouth, virginia along the -- from
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. check out atlantic city, new jersey, rough surf, winds 35 miles per hour close to tropical storm winds sandy is not even close to making landfall yet probably later during the latter parts of the evening and early overnight hours. that's the latest from sandy. let's talk about our news at home. giants news. crowd of die-hard fans who traveled to detroit to watch the giants sweep the tigers. wayne freedman was money the fans who flew to comerica park. the crowd remained in the
stands long after the was over to celebrate. >> can you believe in? >> no, still sort of i'm in dream state out of respect for the detroit fans i didn't want to jump up and down. >> sweep is the same anywhere baby, come on i was in texas with a panda hat on my head, come on! >> maybe that panda hat brought good luck, sandoval was mvp of the world series. the giants fans in comerica park watched in temperatures in the 30s. they say it was worth it. now the commute this monday morning. by the way giants coming back this afternoon. here's sue hall. fog the big issue, right? it is. that's the major issue now no major stalls or accidents, bay bridge toll no metering lights yet cash paying folk backing up towards the first overcrossing, no delays upper deck. here you can see fog on the golden gate bridge, it is thick in patches, up the waldo,
you need to use a little extra caution and give your receive -- give yourself time that fog is coming and going quickly. drive out of antioch looking good, bunching up and then picks up towards the pittsburg and concord area. speeds of about 20 to 30 miles an hour in that vicinity from the central valley up andover the altamont pass, it is flowing nicely, 20 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area. next, thousands of fans watch and celebrate the giants' title at the civic center last night. >> reporter: -- [ inaudible ] .
live doppler quiet in morning we have mist hanging in the air this morning here's the latest from sandy you can see impressive storm with snow, who knew a hurricane could
create snow. the moisture is working into that colder air that's why we are seeing that develop. back here at home today, if you are traveling around temperatures hanging out in the mid 70s to low 80s through the central valley, 53 tahoe sun, 74 yosemite, san diego 77, 80 within l.a., 95 in palm springs -- 81 l.a., 95 in palm springs. >> >> breaking news cities along the eastern seaboard are bracing for hurricane sandy, flights, atlantic city casino,, even wall street are all being affected. katie marzullo is live in our newsroom. there have been evacuation orders this morning. >> reporter: that's right. some voluntary, some mandatory, wall street is closed, schools shutdown, subway shutdown in new york. hurricane sandy is going to coll laid with other storms that's how it looks so far then it has the potential to wreak havoc across 800 miles
from the east coast to the great lakes. we have live pictures now this is portsmouth, virginia in virginia now, 2,000 customers without power, utility is saying as many as one million people could lose electricity. that is not just in virginia that's new york and new jersey maryland heavy rain coming down you can barely make out the rough surf behind that wall of rain this morning multiple governors on the east coast keep giving news conferences continuing to warn people they need to heed whatever orders are coming their way. >> there were evacuation orders that ended at 8:00 last night for some of our coastal areas. we appreciate those who did. those who did not may find themselves cut off. not much we can do about that now. >> reporter: of course some can't help where they are.
amateur video from onboard a disney crews ship at one point the ship tilted so far right that furniture moved across their room. what a mess. superstorm again i mentioned 800 miles could affect, could affect 50 million people in the heavily populated corridor in the nation. katie marzullo, abc7 news. right now, hurricane sandy has affected the schedules of the presidential candidates. president obama visited fema's headquarters yesterday. workers will run the nerve center that will coordinate the 's response to the storm. mr. obama reminded people to follow -- instructions of local officials. the president traveled to orlando, florida where he was going to campaign, but he has decide today cancel northern virginia and tomorrow in
colorado. sandy forced mitt romney to change his plans. romney campaigned in ohio yesterday. instead of in virginia as planned. his campaign cancel add appearance for tomorrow in new hampshire. romney told supporters in ohio that our thoughts and prayers are with people who will find themselves in harm's way. the streets of san francisco packed with giants fans many at the civic center watching on a jumbotron last night. thousands watched the world series with other giants' fans and shared in the victory shoulder to shoulder, next to city hall others filled restaurants and bars in the city but they all cheered their team on and shared the same sentiments after the game. >> amazing, a sweep, it is just unbelievable. >> oh my gosh, it never gets old, we are thrilled. i've been crying. >> we are enjoying beautiful city, world series, 2012.
go giants! >> again, fans will be able to gather again when the team holds its parade wednesday. >> the big question is, how will the weather be wednesday? you have been forecasting rain coming around that time, is it going to be later in the day? >> not for the north bay parade i'm sure the guys looked at that before they decided to make the parade that morning they could make it thursday morning some of the rain will be lingering. let's look outside, 5:52, embarcadero is dry not much of a wind right now, there is enough to push some of the fog around. let's talk about what is going on with live doppler, most seeing drizzle or organized areas of wet weather there is mist in the area because of the thick fog along the coast, bay shore into the north bay valleys. sandy impressive hurricane very wide in scope as par as
precipitation shield thickest from baltimore and d.c., slide down to the west virginia mountains, tennessee, knoxville lower left of the screen, all the way up to north carolina mountains they are getting snow now that's the colder air that is going to wrap into this system and create the superstorm, if you will, later today. 85 mile per hour winds, as we head towards tonight, late this evening it starts to move inland then it hangs around new england for the better part of the week that's why it is going to get worse. right now 46 in santa rosa cool spot the rest of us low to mid 50s. low to mid 50s monterey bay. slow clearing, cooler today, cooling trend through thursday with rain most likely halloween evening overnight into thursday morning. today 60s coast into san francisco low to mid 70s bay mid to upper 70s inland,
low to mid 70s the rest of the monterey bay upper 70s inland tonight drizzle coast, cloudy, low to mid 50s. wednesday morning at 7:00 little drizzle along the coast move of us cloudy, rain doesn't move into the north bay steady rain, until the afternoon. 6:00 rain up in the north bay, everybody else fairly dry other than sprinkles, 11:00 starts to move into the bay, overnight it will take over the entire bay. the sooner you can get out there for halloween the better off you are especially south of the north bay raining in the afternoon. coolest day thursday, warming trend friday, saturday, sunday. good morning. quiet right now, fog to contend with light traffic north on highway 87 in san jose past hp pavillion, good news there. san rafael south 101 tail lights towards central
san rafael past the civic center, misty here, you will run into patches of fog up and over the waldo grade. abc 7 traffic app n is waze app this is highway 4 typically slow from -- a street to loveridge, it is free, available on the app store and google play helps you navigate around any potential highway problems highway 4 slow into concord. impact of hurricane sandy is being felt in the financial world. >> we have bloomberg business report. >> reporter: good morning. much of the east coast shutdown because of hurricane sandy and the worst isn't even here yet. the new york stock exchange and nasdaq closed today, trading suspended as people monitor the weather. the lights are off on the marquee on broadway, many bank branches and stores closed the
streets of new york empty. full extent of damage to come probablyb impossible to predict accurately at this point. but it is going to be significant many analysis out of maryland, hurricane sandy could result in 15 to 18 billion dollars in damage. by contrast, hurricane irene last year cost 4.3 billion. core logic which monitors housing market says 88 billion dollars worth of property stands at risk of storm surge in seven states from virginia to massachusetts. 5:56. 33 new fire department recruits in san jose begin training today the largest number the city has trained at one time. 8.6 grant provided by fema will pay for the new firefighters the recruits will bring the department back to 683 firefighters shy of what the department had four years
ago. next, we are continuing to follow hurricane sandy, bearing down on the east coast. you are looking at a live picture from portsmouth, virginia hundreds of thousands on the east coast have had to evacuate. thousands of flights grounded. >> cleanup this morning after a rowdy celebration in san francisco following giants world series victory. good morning! wow.
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developing news late night celebration turns out of control in several parts of san francisco as giants fans celebrate the team's second world series win in three